Ethnicity & Poetry

In Melania-Luisa Marte’s poem Afro-Latina, something that really resonated with me was when she discussed the commodification of Black women. So many brands find Black culture, specifically culture that Black women built, as a means for profit, but never give credit to the group that they are so obviously trying to emulate. Although I cannotContinue reading “Ethnicity & Poetry”

Racial comedy(?)

Racial comedy is a touchy subject because if you try to critique you’re seen as a “snowflake.” In my opinion, if someone of a certain race is making jokes about their own race it is ok, but you get into tricky territory when trying to joke about other races. For example, in the Youtube videoContinue reading “Racial comedy(?)”

Iggy & her appropriation

With globalization and social media, it has become easier for different cultures to be shared around the world. What’s interesting though, is how Black culture has been spread and adopted world wide. To me, it seems as though non-Black people pick and choose what parts of Black culture they want. With this being said, IContinue reading “Iggy & her appropriation”

Suburban communities and their failure at tackling racism.

It is no surprise to me that Texas school districts do not, or rather, will not handle issues involving racism within their communities. My own school district had a similar incident happen my senior year and the solution was for my high school to have a “cultural fair” to try and facilitate respect among differentContinue reading “Suburban communities and their failure at tackling racism.”

Trump’s Attack on Critical Race Theory

The Trump administration’s letter addressing Critical Race Theory (CRT), is one that promotes the idea that discussing the issue of race is “divisive” and “un-American.” TCU’s statement condemns the administration’s ignorant claims, and clarifies that this type of study is necessary to fully understand and include all histories of the United States. Critical Race TheoryContinue reading “Trump’s Attack on Critical Race Theory”

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